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Health Benefits - Reasons to Put on Your Dancing Shoes!

Experts recommend 30-60 minutes of exercise each day, and dancing can be a heart-healthy aerobic workout. If you pick up the pace, you can burn as many calories as walking, swimming or riding a bicycle. And it's certainly more fun than a gruelling session at the gym or a full-on, hour-long aerobics session! Dancing, is multi-directional and forces your muscles to move in new ways, which means you will continue to reap the benefits on an ongoing basis. Plus - it makes you feel GREAT!! So come along, have a fabulous evening, meet new friends - and exercise the fun way!

So dance is good for me... right?

Dance is fun and it's sometimes easy to forget that it's a form of exercise, and like any exercise, although widely beneficial, it can be easy to sustain a new injury or aggravate an existing one due to sudden or repetitive motion, particularly if you are pushing yourself hard - or using poor technique.  As with any form of exercise, to help avoid injuries, learn proper technique from a qualified instructor, warm up and cool down, and keep your body hydrated and healthy. Also, this is where MELT can help. Not only can MELT help to address pain, it can reduce the risk of injury - plus it has the added bonus of increasing energy levels and improving balance! (Ladies it's a MUST for spinning like a top!) Check out our MELT page for more information.

Professional Instruction

Carolyn and Ade are the Principal Instructors. They are both qualified and experienced LeRoc Modern Jive Instructors. This means not one, but two professional instructors throughout class nights, ensuring a consistent, high standard of instruction. Carolyn & Ade always have time for a dance and are friendly and approachable. So if you’re struggling with a new move or want to know more about Modern Jive, just ask away...

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring a partner?

No partner needed. We usually rotate partners which helps with learning, as you will get to dance with more experienced partners. We have singles and couples joining us - so come together - or alone!

Do I need previous dance experience?

No previous experience necessary. Modern Jive is the easiest partner dance you can learn so just come along, grab a drink from the bar, enjoy the music, and have fun. We almost guarantee to have you dancing on your first night!

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable, cool clothing and comfortable shoes. Avoid rubber soled shoes and ladies - avoid high heels, and particularly stilettos! If you spend plenty of time dancing you're bound to get a little warm, so consider bringing a small towel, deodorant and maybe even a change of shirt to keep you fresh!

Will I like the music you play?

We play a wide variety of music - from swing, to latin to modern chart music. Not only do we aim to cater for all tastes, we play a variety of speeds of music, which really helps to improve your dancing and musicality.

Should I ask others to dance - or will they ask me?

We have a reputation for running a friendly venue and encourage all dancers to ask each other to dance (ladies included). We also encourage good dance etiquette which means not refusing a dance when asked. If you need a rest, explain when asked, take your rest and then go back to the individual for that dance!

Class Timings:

7.45pm - Doors open

8.00pm - Beginner/Warm-Up Class

8.30pm - Free Practise

9.00pm - Intermediate Lesson/Beginners Recap (except for the first Wednesday of each month)

9.30pm - Freestyle/Practise

10.45pm - Close

Keep your dancing safe!

Always find a qualified instructor who can teach you to execute the moves SAFELY! To find a LeRoc Federation accredited instructor near you visit:


And of course... consider adding MELT practise before you dance!