Improving Business Profitability

Poor employee health seriously impacts your bottom line!

You can positively impact your company's profitability and reputation by keeping your workforce well!

Wondering how we can help....?

Our Approach

Whether you operate as a sole trader or own or manage a company with hundreds of employees, absence from work directly affects your profitability!

The good news is that we can help you address this business-critical problem with simple tailored solutions!


At an executive level, stress can lead to body-wide issues including chronic pain and disease, and our unique self-care technique, MELT, is the perfect way to ease tensions and balance the nervous system, facilitating enhanced resilience and health improvements in a way that can allow you to feel and cope better.

In the corporate workplace, MELT can help support the wellbeing of your workforce in various ways including helping to increase employee wellbeing and to prevent or address pain or injury arising from common repetitive motions or positions - including just sitting all day at a desk or other repetitive positions or movements such as bending and lifting or twisting!  We can help to keep your workforce well and your business on track through reduced workplace absence and increased productivity. 

We can work with you to establish the most suitable approach for your circumstances, from referrals into our existing workshops and classes, to an on-premise corporate service tailored to the individual needs of your business.


MELT has far reaching benefits, which can bring about immediate and long term changes for you, AND your workforce, ultimately positively impacting your bottom line!

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