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MELT is simple - and truly amazing!

It helps relieve pain and keeps you healthy and active for life

The MELT Method® (MELT®) is a simple self-care technique. Just 10 minutes of MELT three times a week is all you need to begin reducing the effects of accumulated tension and stress caused by daily living.  MELT is backed by the latest science and acclaimed by hundreds of thousands of devoted MELTers!


New research has revealed the missing link to pain-free living: a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissue. These two components work together to provide your body architectural support and optimal mind-body communication. MELT directly addresses these two systems of your body in a way no other self-treatment can. You’ll see and feel results in the first session. Using specialised techniques, MELT rehydrates the connective tissue, rebalances the nervous system and restores space to compressed joints.


The ultimate goal of MELT is to improve your body’s ability to restore balance and repair itself, which can create remarkable, lasting changes. MELT offers natural pain relief, allowing you to address the true cause of chronic pain, not just mask the symptoms.

Whilst good nutrition and the right level of exercise for you personally are critical to wellbeing, diet and exercise alone cannot address connective tissue problems, which contribute to ageing and chronic pain.


If you exercise already, fantastic! But you can still benefit from MELT. In fact, if your favourite form of exercise involves repetitive movements or prolonged periods in one position it will actually be causing connective tissue dehydration, which can result in injuries. MELTing beforehand can improve your performance and balance -  and also reduce your risk of injury. If you practice Pilates or Yoga, MELT can be complimentary to your practise and MELTing before a session can really improve your ability - and increase the benefits.

So, MELT is for anyone who wants to slow down the ageing process, remain active and live pain-free. For those in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older who want to stay active, mobile and independent, MELT is a must. Ageing isn't an option....  Have you ever got out of bed, or out of a chair after a period of sitting and felt achy or stiff?

Yes?  MELT is for you!


MELT is also for active younger adults, sports enthusiasts, athletes, dancers, musicians - and anyone who wants to achieve or maintain a fit, healthy body and optimal performance, without debilitating wear and tear. We can tailor MELT sessions dependent on your particular activity, e.g. golf and other swing sports, cycling, running, dancing etc.

MELT is truly for everyone!


Reconnect, Rebalance, Rehydrate, Release

A Lasting Change..... A Lifetime of Benefits