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Our modern lifestyles, the chemicals we use daily - and the food we eat are making us ill!


Our approach to this deep-rooted problem is multi-faceted, focusing on much more than just what you eat.


As well as our food, the water and other beverages we drink, the air we breathe, the toxic chemicals we clean our homes with and apply to our skin daily... and our daily mindset, all affect our wellbeing.

At YouPhoria, we focus is on nourishing the body, minimising toxicity and developing a healthy attitude to life.

Food is our energy source; it provides the nutrients the body needs to function and thrive. What we eat (or don’t eat) is directly linked to productivity, mood, motivation, intuition, chronic illness, energy levels, immune system function, body image, and self confidence. We live in a world where, for many, food has become a box of nutrient void chemicals, convenience at a drive through, and so far from what 'real' food is. Even those who think they eat healthily are often missing essential nutrients which affect their wellbeing and longevity.

General fatigue, diagnosed illnesses and obesity have increased significantly – and it is only getting worse.

Obesity rates are at epidemic levels, as is diabetes, chronic fatigue, heart disease, chronic inflammation, hormone imbalances and other all too common ailments.

The main causes? Food & Lifestyle. 

More and more of us are feeling run down, fatigued, anxious, sick, depressed, unmotivated and many are confused about all of the conflicting information.

Many of the health issues and diseases commonplace today are preventable and treatable, often without medications which merely mask the issues and potentially cause toxicity and side effects. And if you are looking to manage your weight you need a long term strategy, NOT a short term diet, which will only increase levels of body fat, and increase health problems or put you at risk of health problems.

A huge concern is the effect of our modern lifestyles on the health of our children and grandchildren. Many of them eat junk food on a regular basis and consume huge amounts of sugar and chemicals daily. We are already seeing a significant increase in levels of obesity and diabetes in children and without effective change this is only set to rise.

There has never been another time in history where the need to change our lifestyle & nutrition, and that of future generations, has been greater.

Furthermore, combining lifestyle and nutrition changes with MELT is an extremely powerful way to quickly make positive and lasting changes, as diet and exercise alone cannot fix issues with our connective tissue system which supports, protects and stabilises us.


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