Start Your MELT Journey TODAY!

Your starting point for your MELT journey is just like the the MELT Method itself - simple!

To get started, simply book onto one of our workshop sessions.*

During the workshop we will introduce you to the MELT tools and show you some of the foundation techniques, as well as explaining the concept of MELT and why it is so beneficial to everyone.

During the session you will get to work with the patented MELT balls and will be introduced to the MELT Soft Roller. The workshops also acts as a personal assessment, allowing us to determine the best approach for your individual needs.


The immediate changes after just one session never cease to amaze us and our workshop participants are often begging us to get started with classes! So we provide details of available classes at the end of the workshop, and the ability to book immediately.

Classes are generally available at the same venue and at a similar time of day to the workshops, although we will provide you with the flexibility to choose whichever class suits you.

MELT is a simple and effective technique, adaptable and suitable for everyone and you will notice immediate results which can be built upon with regular MELT practise.

*In some instances we may recommend a 1:1 assessment, particularly if you have a specific issue or very limited mobility.

To get started, book onto a workshop or if you can't find a session near you or would like a 1:1 session, get in touch via our Contact Page.

Workshop & Class Locations

We currently offer workshops and classes in the following locations:

Workshops, Classes and Private Sessions at


'Studio Bucknall', Stoke-on-Trent

Wallace Sport & Education Centre, Abbey Hulton, Stoke-on-Trent, ST2 8DU