For a healthier, happier YOU.....

For a healthier, happier You!

Struggling with Pain or Disease?


Feeling Stressed, Anxious or Depressed?


Want to improve your health?


Wish you could get fitter or train harder without injuries?

Don't end up another NHS statistic!


Help yourself to feel better...

with all-natural self-care!

Our Modern Lifestyles are responsible for increasing levels of pain and disease in our lives  - our mission is to reduce that!


You're unique - and so are we... which is why you are provided with a uniquely tailored blend of complementary services - to help you take better care of yourself and feel great!

We have had amazing success with a range of clients who have come to us seeking help with a variety of health issues from degenerative pain such as arthritis, to sporting injuries and disease to weight management.

We don't take a 'one-size fits all' approach and everything we do is natural, based on working with your body and mind.

We can help people with (click to learn more):


"I can’t believe that first Melt session I did with you - I’d had a constant pain on the flat of my heel for about a year and I was amazed that one class with a little magic ball would get rid of the pain!
So now I can dance more on a Wednesday night and be pain free."

Ms S, Leek, Staffordshire

"I have done a Melt workshop and really enjoyed it, felt very relaxed at the end and looking forward to starting a course to see how it can help with general aches and pains and tension."

Mrs N, Cheshire

"I suffer with ongoing back pain and knee pain. I've done a couple of 1:1 Melt sessions with Carolyn. I've found it easy to follow and felt immediate pain relief and increased mobility after each session. I really don't know how it works as it's so simple but it definitely made a difference to me and I was able to get back to my usual activities afterwards. I highly recommend this to everyone."

Mr B, Staffordshire

"Have been dancing Modern Jive with Carolyn and Ade for 4 years and absolutely love it! It's a wonderful de stress after a busy day at work, it's lots of fun and the people there are just great; so friendly. Carolyn and Ade are very good teachers and are always there to help with the moves after the lesson.It's a good work out and keeps you moving!

Mrs T, Cheshire

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